Located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, the Fuzhou Sanbao City project contains a total area of 131640 m.sq. This project is for the City of Fuzhou.  Fuzhou is the capital and one of the largest cities in the Fujian province of China which is located equidistant between Shanghai and Hong Kong. The proposed design of this project embraces a masterplan within the Taijiang District of the city, focusing on re-organising a subterrain transportation hub under construction, an historical village, a people’s park and supporting cultural and commercial accommodation networked around the site. Its combined functions will serve as the driving catalyst in the regeneration and urban re-configuration of this area of the city.

Renowned as the “City of Banyan Tree,” Fuzhou has been filled with Banyan trees since the Eastern Jin era (4th-5th C.E.). During summer, the entending shadows of green gently envelop the city with immense beauty of the nature. Through the concept of BANYAN TREE, Studio Founder Daniel aims to demonstrate the long-standing history and cultural identity of Fuzhou, whilst also promoting connections between the built and natural environmentys. The banyan tree alsy represents a sanctuary, a contemplatve moment within the buzz and activity of the city.

This concept developed naturally into a bowl-like form 150m in diameter and rising to a height of 30m. THE BOWL holds gardens to the sky on its upper side and to the underside. It shades and protectesthe subterrain Metro access, concourse and commercial space from the elements.

Textures and connections of the banyan are also expressed in the bowl and walkways, con-necting the public spaces and outlying plots back in to the metro and the city beyond. The materiality of the bowl also delineates the texture of the banyan, both in its solid form, and in its decorated ‘skin’ that enables light to pass through, which forms the sensation that the bowl is floating above the plaza.

The geometry creates dappled light, hanging gardens, lighting and sound gantries within the layered super-structure, allowing the Bowl to appear as if floating, while the gardens above steps in mushroom like forms and acts as a series of amphitheaters and lush gardens of running water towards the historic river and old historical town to the South.

The design for the six plots surrouding the Bowl in central Fuzhou has been meticulously undertaken with placemaking at its very heart, creating an iconmic serious of journeys and moments of connection in the city.

Based on the preexisting plots, the Studio introduced the idea of manufactory factory of intangible cultural heritage, boutique hotel and apartment, LOHAS community, creative incubator, and cultural centre, which, together with the TOD complex of the Bowl, strives to inject vitality, energy, and unique and long-lasting memory into the city of Fuzhou.