1000 Islands Resort
Hangzhou, China
1000 Islands Resort
Hangzhou, China

The location for this project is a beautiful part of China, set on the Lake of One Thousand Islands. The Client briefing presented an exciting opportunity to develop a unique masterplan that could celebrate its local environment and culture and harness the spectacular natural panoramic views of the lake, forest, mountain and sky.

The project is merger of 2 sites that have a collective area of 925, 000 m². Site 1 is 650, 000 m² and forms part of the main Marina to the masterplan. It is a combination of mixed use with shopping and entertainment forming the lower levels of the massing along the circular Marina spaces. The allow water-sports and terrace areas to mix waterfront edge.

Upper levels are in the form of Apartments and Hotel facilities as well as rooftop restaurants with terraces and green roof areas for visitors to enjoy the weekend and national holiday leisure facilities. This accommodation is set-out on the radial around the Marina all with changing aspect of the surrounding site which is a combination of hills, forests and lake.

Site 2 is 275, 000 m² and has its main function served as a resort which is currently being reviewed by some of the larger International vendors. The focus will be mainly on Health, Spa and Sports including tennis, basketball and of course due to the ideal location a variety of water-sports. As the site covers a large area the design fragmented the building volumes into annex buildings the are inter linked with gardens, tea houses and “super canopy.”

The “super canopy” gave us the option to have not only shade but vertical hanging gardens to create a sort of oasis within the scope of the resort. Lighting within the structure was also important to give the site a greater use from the early hours until midnight for sports and leisurely walking and entertainment to happen. Swimming pools, water features, mini-plaza spaces and Marina zone form the landscape in a kind of interwoven tapestry.

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Private Investment Group


900, 000 m²

Design Team

Annie Feng, Tom Sands, Daniel Statham, Alice Zhang, Josee Zhuang

Project Finance Consultants

Xi Chen Zhi & Partners

Real Estate Developer

Greenland Group