Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of several beautiful Balearic islands belonging to Spain within the Mediterranean and the setting for this cultural renovation project. The existing site is more than a warehouse building though as it is the Headquarters for Space Ibiza which is one of the most renowned super clubs in the World regularly winning the annual prize for best Discothèque in the world, loved by party goers and famous DJs alike for its ambience and legacy created by Pepe Resollo.

Nightly events in the summer months can accommodate 5, 000 people and opening and closing parties are have increased capacity with temporary installations being setup within the surrounding car park to fulfill the global public thirst to be at these special events.

The client required expansion and better connectivity between the spaces within the existing building, expansion of terrace areas and a more efficiency for pedestrian and parking access to the southeast of the site. The design process began with early discussions with the Town Planning Department (Urbanismo) and Local Police Department in Ibiza Town.

We were encouraged to embrace a more socially safer “connection/circulation space” at night in this location when it is at its busiest between Space and Ushuaia which are divided by the Carretera De La Platja d’En Bossa . This became the primary design consideration and objective to create a safer environment at road level and unblocking traffic by taking a more holistic perspective of the physical remodeling and urban enhancement of the surrounding area.

The architectural concept had to consider the site criteria carefully and solve the spatial links between the existing buildings with the proposed expansion requirements and facilities. The new expansion needed to fulfill the capacity but enhance the social and cultural value of the site with the new proposal. This would mean designing architecture that can be used all year round for performance of different dance genres from Flamenco to Ballet, Art and Sculpture and local education. In addition we designed additional functionality for Space Ibiza the discothèque with more day time events during the spring/summer season where the public can enjoy daytime access for relaxation, health food and well-being and live arts and music performance.

Approximately 35, 000 sqm are to be transformed and extended by phasing through 24 months by the addition of a bridge link, relocation of parking, elevating the terrace dance floor, new central core for circulation and amenity, a new northwest terrace, infinity pool, bar/open kitchen and new mezzanine food and health area with a “super canopy” that gravitates above the newly designed spaces below with a delicate and elegant structural solution which integrates shade and rigging for lighting , sound system equipment and art/dance installations. The surface and articulation of the roofscape creates dappled light and induces the local sea breeze through the semi external areas for sustainable comfort.

Passive sustainable design and sustainable off site construction were all part of the considered design and construction process to make Space Ibiza a 21st-century facility with a sustainable DNA at the heart of its “new home” respecting its sensitive environment on this small and magical Balearic Island.

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Spanish Paladium Hotel Group


21, 350 m²

Design Team

Tanya Eskander, Jack Howell, Juan Martínez, Russell Murrell, Maria Pérez, Daniel Statham

Construction Consultants

Gleeds Iberica


Atelier One