Shanghai Fashion Weekend
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Fashion Weekend
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Fashion Weekend is an event established by IPCN from Shanghai. IPCN appointed our team to provide an installation that would occupy and welcome visitors within the main square of the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. The Shanghai Exhibition Centre is an exhibition and convention center in central Shanghai. It hosts many of the main events throughout the calendar year from Fashion, Property and Arts events.

The building was built in 1955 as the Sino-Soviet Friendship Building to commemorate the alliance between China and the Soviet Union, a name by which many locals still refer to the building. Reflecting its original name, the design draws heavily on Russian and Empire style neoclassical architecture with Stalinist neoclassical innovations.

We designed an area located near the entrance to the event that would serve as a three dimensional photographic back drop using letters from the graphic design logo we created especially for IPCN. The letters abbreviated the event and were rotated to play with the perspective. Larger letters were 3.5m tall and fabricated from timber sections spray painted red. The smaller letters were of average human height around 1.6-7m tall.

The installation was fabricated within 3 weeks and installed on site within 2 days in time for the Shanghai Fashion Weekend opening.






200 m²

Design Team

Annie Feng, Michael Ou, Daniel Statham


Peter Yang

Peter Yang

Zhuang & Co. Installations