British Telecom Optic Fibre Installation
London, UK
British Telecom Optic Fibre Installation
London, UK

This was a proposed installation for British Telecom at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall in London. It was a collaboration with Vivian Rosenthal from New York and the client British Telecom. The installation was to launch and celebrate a new speed optical broadband product that would be released to the UK later that year. The client wanted to inform the public about the speed of this technology, its global reach and its history. The user experience was to be a chronological and educational journey so it could provide optimum accessibility to a wider spectrum of the audience.

The concept response was to design an informed “walk through” concluded with a small internal auditorium. With the functional diagram in place the physical concept took form in the shape of colliding spheres which aim to be symbolic of “speed” that defines the Optical Fibre which relayes information around the world at lightning speed connecting continents and global communities.

Expressing the “speed” through form was developed with five spheres that were proportioned to the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. Varying the degree of permeability within the layering of the surface would produce a progressively spatial compression that pulls the user towards an enclosed spherical interior that in turn will produce a sense of spatial acceleration. Along the journey and integrated within the structural geometry of the each sphere are projections and LEDs which reflect optical fiber which transmit light between the two ends which is in the usage of fibre-optic communications, where they permit transmission over longer distances.

Each sphere is sliced in half and separated to allow the user to pass through providing a three-dimensional aspect in all directions within the void by wearing 3D polarized glasses. This installation and effect provided the client with a physical double curvature canvas to communicate the message in a powerful visual manner. The final sphere was a fully enclosed space that functions as an auditorium space for projection across the complete surface of the sphere. This would relay information about the “Global Optic Network.”

On Hold



British Telecom


3, 300 m²

Design Team

Vivian Rosenthal, Daniel Statham



Marketing/ Technology Consultants

Tronic Studio (New York)