Another trophy for Future Car Park!
9th December, 2023
Another trophy for Future Car Park!

Thrilled to announce Future Car Park’s triumph at World Design Awards 2023! Located in the CBD of Hangzhou, China, this vertical complex combines automated parking technology with green public spaces, commercial activities, and rooftop garden, generating a capacity of 500 parking spaces for electric and non-electric vehicles.

Since its official opening in March 2023, Future Car Park has become the talk of town. Not only does the integration of AGV parking robots and the latest parking technology significantly ease the process of parking for urban community, but the futuristic building shape attracts tens of thousands of people to visit – especially at night – and emerge themselves in an urban sci-fi fantasy. Future Car Park has been featured by 25 media from 11 countries across the world and widely referred as the “Best Destination of Weekend Trip” on Chinese social media “Red.”

We’d like to thank everyone at Daniel Statham Studio for making this incredible, innovative building possible, and of course, a big thank you to everyone who has been supporting us along this special journey. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing our design transform the city into a more convenient, sustainable space!

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