The location for the project was in Xiasha in Hangzhou. The The design for this project aims to step towards the future and create a harmony between the ‘Automobile and the City’. It aims to invent the way we commute to Urban Hubs and how our ‘personal automobile’ is stored while we work and play.
It is no secret the Automobile is becoming more sustainable and reducing carbon emissions making it a kinder ‘machine’ to the environment. With Teslar, Google and Apple striving towards self-driven and electric/solar energy vehicles the Client for our project in Hangzhou has identified that the Parking for these vehicles and existing one’s today need to be re-thought and considered. We need a vision for Car Parking for the Future. We need to reduce congestion, address density and have cleaner air in our Cities.
These Goals have been embraced for our Client and the project aims to use ‘Green Parking’ with ‘Public Space’. It aims to create a meeting place and Hub that also combines parking. We wanted to create a building that was a synthesis of available parking Technologies, Public Space, Event Spaces and Hanging Gardens. We wanted this building to celebrate the Cars of the future in a fully integrated way combining the structure with unique spaces that would provide a healthy and invigorating environment for families, friends and Business
The design from the beginning made the bold move to stack the Cars beneath a park that seem to ‘blossom’ into a Roof form at higher level accommodating entertainment facilities and roof gardens. This Roof form acts like a ‘extracted park from ground level’ and provides Shade from the hot sun and rain.
Wonderful public and commercial Spaces are generated by this architecture. Cars create the vertical animation by the stacking system. Lifts also add to the vertical animation of the Space by taking people from the Lower Levels to the Roof top where they can enjoy an additional ‘Park’ and public Space. Fantastic views and perspectives of the City and internal environment of this building are experienced.
The building in many ways is a ‘Parking Oasis’. Celebrating the Car by breath-taking technology and architecture within a Garden Paradise. This combination of nature and architecture produces a building that is naturally super sustainable. It combines an abundance of natural ventilation and daylight that significantly reduces the mechanical Equipment to warm and cool the building throughout the year. It harnesses sunlight and storm water to irrigate and clean the building. The semi-internal quality of the building creates a perfect balance of temperature and ventilation within the spaces of the building for people to enjoy.
The architecture of the towers with their porous cladding system not only establishes the vertical structure for lateral stability of the whole building but acts as a ventilation system which penetrates into the basement areas of the building. The Car park not only ventilates any Car fumes from non electric vehicles around the basement edge via the ramping system but also deep within the floor plan using the ‘Towers’ as a kind of 21st Century Chimney.
We have attempted to combine and celebrate automotive technologies in both it’s vehicular and parked form, in it’s ever evolving sustainable pursuit and house it as Art and Public Park space within the Architecture.