This building is the coming together of 5 forms that rotate, shift and ‘dance’ around each
other like a ‘performance of Chinese Opera or classical Ballet’.
The 5 forms are programmed to function as:

1. Theatre
2. Concert (music)
3. Exhibition, Studios and Arts
4. Administrative
5. Landscape

The building by it’s nature has a particular kinetic composition that celebrates the art of performance and culture that are hosted within. The form and composition developed through the arrangement of the concert, theatre and exhibition spaces act as a ‘welcome face’ to the Cultural Centre to the East of the site and
‘anchor’ the masterplan by allowing pedestrian and VIP vehicular circulation to approach the ‘welcome plaza’ from the North-East of the site. The Cultural Centre is accessible by a sinuous moving landscape that rises gently upwards to a main plaza to caress and move around the gentle large sculptural forms to create access routes, plaza areas and landscaped features to soften and create harmony within the site.

Due to the size and scale demands of the theatre and concert halls we decided to use the spaces above them also by creating forms that overhang and generate more functional space. Gardens and balconies penetrate the floor slabs to make them more efficient andcreate a terraced environment above and within to allow the building to naturally ventilate more efficiently and allow sunlight to filter through the intelligent façade system that is designed to respond to the sun path movement around the building at different times of the day.

The semi permeable façade performs a variety of purposes as it shades and opens up differently in relation to it’s direct sunlight condition. It also allows for natural ventilation where necessary so it is environmentally passive in performance. It also provides a unique optical appearance to the observer from different stand points as the building changes in geometry and texture continually.

The ShenZhen Cultural Centre we have proposed aims to offer a unique sequence of spaces and community for people to use and enjoy through out the day and evenings. It breaks the grid system of the surrounding urban fabric to offer a new cultural icon project for the City. It aims to push design and innovation and celebrate an environmental approach to buildings in the 21st Century.

This design competition is done in collaboration with Haworth Tompkins.