PeaceBird asked us to design a brooch together with its case which would represent the company identity.

Starting from the company logo interpret the shape in the refined and detailed way of a piece of jewelry. At first each of the feathers of the logo have been modelled in a standard refined piece, then3 arches have been added to connect all the components in one object, finally the pin has been designed in order to keep the brooch stable on the cloth where it get applied.

The last touch, has been the curvature of the bird shaped brooch on the major wing, simbolising the dynamic action of the flight.The colours we initially chose where silver gold and black colored metals, but afterwards we decided to also offer some pop choices as bright yellow, cyan and magenta.

The packaging has been designed around the brooch, with a radial relief following the curvature of the bird major wing and with a slot for the pin to be inserted. The outside of the case have an embossed

PeaceBird logo of the same colour of the contained brooch while for the pop versions the whole case is coloured according to the theme.