Our Approach

We evolve an aesthetic in dialogue with the geographic location, cultural context and heritage, and particular nature of each buildings program and the client’s ambition. This results in a particular aesthetic that is unique and appropriate to each client and assignment.

We do not specialize in one building type. We have extensive experience designing diverse buildings across typologies, including museums, cultural centres, residential developments, mixed use, office buildings, exhibitions, festivals and the arts. We are able to effectively work on multiple design projects as our team is adaptable and focused. This open platform allows great flexibility and capacity toundertake a wide variety of projects of varying size, typology and complexity.

Our designs are informed by industry, and by understanding of construction technology in the locations in which we work. We often begin our dialogue with industry professionals at early stages of our work. Our team understands that high-quality construction is best achieved by engaging issues of construct-ability during the design stages and find that one of the best tools to test our ideas our full scale construction mock-ups. Working together with the builders, we review buildings assemblies and refine construction details concurrently as we document the project. this allows us to directly engage odeas together with our clients and adjust the design, often to the benefit to cut cost and recognize time-saving techniques before construction begins.

We leverage an expanded team of specialists and technical experts with whom we have been collaborating together for the past decade. Our professional network includes the world’s leading engineers, landscape architects and other specialist consultant disciplines. We believe that a project’s success is founded on this collaborative and integrated team approach.

Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is fundamental to our approach from the inception of every project. We see it as intrinsic to the design in all it’s meaning from the passive building performance to the construction approach and techniques considered with our consultant teams at the conceptual design stage.